• Designed using Eaton’s largest 2650 rotating group with 170 degree lobe helix angle for unrivaled thermal efficiency

  • Front Drive/Front Inlet design for shorter less restrictive intake path to improve boost response

  • Latest high-density fin, extruded tube dual pass intercooler core ensures maximum thermal transfer

  • Interfaces with factory and aftermarket Airboxes, retains all factory ancillaries including A/C and requires no cutting or fabrication by the installer

  • Huge Torque increase at low rpm is perfect for towing or off road driving

  • Designed & Manufactured by Harrop to OE levels of appearance and operation

Harrop has given the Ram 1500 utility the boost that it needed with the release of our TVS2650 Supercharger kit, which is built around the largest, most-efficient rotating group ever produced by Eaton. As a master distributor and technology partner of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products for over 12 years, Harrop has leveraged their OEM design and manufacturing capability to design a world leading system that is unrivaled in functionality and performance.

Harrop FDFI (Front Drive Front Inlet) TVS Supercharger systems feature industry leading Intercooler technology to ensure optimum thermal efficiency through advanced intercooler design. The Harrop cast aluminium manifold incorporates a large twin pass intercooler core that is located directly under the Supercharger discharge port to maximise Intercooler surface area. The unique intercooler system coupled with large front mount heat exchanger and high flow Bosch intercooler pump, provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to unleash the performance potential of the Hemi 5.7 V8 engine in both on-road and off-road situations.

The instantaneous boost response from the positive displacement Supercharger provides maximum torque from off idle and right the way through the rev range. Perfect for towing and any off-road adventures, the Harrop 2650 Supercharger gives sportscar acceleration in the comfort of a sports utility. Drivability is enhanced by the integrated bypass valve that dramatically reduces drag (parasitic loss) from the Supercharger rotating group and this also means better fuel consumption in “off boost” everyday driving. All Harrop Supercharger kits are expertly assembled by qualified Supercharger technicians to AS9100 quality standards, before individually tested in-house on a dynamometer to ensure reliability and durability.


  • Harrop TVS2650 Supercharger head unit with integrated bypass valve

  • High flow cast aluminium intake manifold with unique modular design

  • Cast aluminium oil filler neck

  • Industry leading charge air dual pass Intercooler core

  • Extruded aluminium fuel rails which accept factory fuel injectors

  • High efficiency heat exchanger with maximum surface area and combined mounting brackets

  • Intercooler reservoir bottle and high volume electric water pump with wiring kit

  • All associated fasteners, wiring looms, moulded hoses and fittings required


  • 4.8psi peak boost – 450hp / 435 ft-lbs (+138hp / +125 ft-lbs over stock)

  • Capable of 1100+ hp with supporting engine modifications

Item# Status Description
99-KSM55K36 In Stock

TVS2650 Supercharger Kit (RAM 1500 DS)

99-KSM66K53 In Stock

TVS2650 Supercharger Kit (RAM 1500 DT)


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