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A privately-owned Australian company founded in 1955, the Harrop brand has always been synonymous with performance automotive products. Born from innovative designs combined with on-track success, Harrop has earned a reputation that has the company held in high regard by international motorsport teams and the aftermarket industry. Harrop is proud to have played a part in the success of global racing teams over the past 40 years, which is a tribute to the precision and design of the performance products the company has manufactured and continues to supply.

With core products established during the early years in Brakes, Drivetrain and Engine components, the introduction of Eaton as a technical partner in 2004 saw the addition of Supercharger technology to Harrop’s product inventory. The same quality, precision engineering and durability has seen Harrop grow to be an OE supplier and the enviable position of being much more than just an aftermarket Supercharger specialist.

To complement the Engineering capabilities, Harrop Casting Technologies is a 28,000 sq ft Australian foundry that specialises in production manufacturing of Non-Ferrous castings. This allows Harrop to strictly maintain the quality level of the base product before machining and production at the Harrop state of the art facility in Melbourne, Australia. Both facilities are accredited to world class standards with Harrop’s AS9100 quality assurance system.

Having recently opened a R&D and warehouse facility in Dayton Ohio, the Harrop team is continually driven by quality and performance, and is committed to improving the safety, reliability and durability of its engineering products to the global marketplace.

Performance Partnerships


When GM Holden made the decision to produce the wildest concept car ever, Holden designer Richard Ferlazzo, the brainchild of the “EFIJY” approached Harrop Engineering to gauge interest in the project. With confidentiality agreements in place, we discussed at length our enthusiasm to be involved in producing many of the components required. This was a perfect opportunity to showcase our capabilities to a worldwide audience.

More than 20 suppliers and designers offered their time, parts and expertise to build the car over 12 months. In 2005 Holden estimated the build cost to be over $1.5M; today many consider EFIJY to be priceless. The car is based on the stretched and widened underpinnings of a C5 Corvette and features a Harrop polished LS supercharger assembly together with the finned billet rocker covers for the 6 Litre LS2 based HSV engine. With 480Kw of power and 775Nm of torque, it is almost 11 times more powerful than the 45Kw (60hp) engine in the 1953 FJ Holden.

Harrop also produced the 22″ diameter rear, and 20″ front, 2 piece, billet outer and spun inner rims, together with intricate 5 axis machined billet hub caps. With such high levels of powertrain performance our Ultimate Brake Kit featuring 15″ (381mm) dia. front discs with 6 piston calipers and 14″ (355mm) dia. rear discs with 4 piston callipers were the obvious choice to achieve necessary braking performance.


In 2008 Yamaha released their brand new Offshore and Super High Output series of outboard engines and dubbed them the “Game Changer”. The US market instantly embraced the new Yamaha 6 Cylinder 4.2L Marine Outboard engines with many applications even running two outboards to maximise their performance potential. This triggered a new development program at Nizpro Marine with the goal to produce the most powerful 6 cylinder marine outboard on the planet, with less weight, drag through water and no additional service costs.

Nizpro Marine Director Simon Gishus approached Harrop Engineering and shared his idea to create a positive displacement Supercharger to suit the Yamaha V6. After many months spent analysing the complex packaging requirements and rotating group suitability for the application, a TVS1900 Supercharger Kit was cast and prototype parts manufactured to begin comprehensive testing. The heart of the Supercharger is an Eaton R1900 rotating group which is packaged within the Supercharger manifold featuring twin water to air charge intercooler cores. The Supercharger is driven by an 8PK drive belt and auto tensioner and only adds 55lbs to existing F and VMAX series engines. A key design requirement was for the Supercharger to fit under the factory cowl, a challenging task due to the limited packaging space left by the OEM but achieved with the use of a 105mm spacer. The Supercharger Kit was launched at SEMA 2017 on the Harrop and Eaton booths, winning a Global Media Award in the New Product Showcase for Best New Performance Product.


In 2009, Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) approached Harrop Engineering when looking at options for a forced induction performance package for the FPV FG range. The result was a Prodrive developed Harrop Supercharged Miami 5.0L V8 engine, based on the earlier Ford Coyote V8.

The Australian delivered FPV FG range was boosted by a Harrop HTV1900 Supercharger Kit featuring Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) technology. The Supercharger System was front drive, rear inlet and positioned under the intake plenum in the engines ‘V’, providing an integral high-efficiency plenum and runners. The Supercharger System also featured an inlet bypass valve that improved fuel efficiency and an electronically controlled ‘drive by wire’ and 75mm throttle body.

Peak power and torque from the Miami V8 varied across the FPV FG range, the FG GS and Pursuit were released from factory with 315kW of power and 545Nm of torque (maximum boost pressure was 0.40 bar/5.8 psi) where the top of the range FPV GT made 351kW of power and 570Nm of torque.


In 2009, Harrop Engineering was contacted by Lotus Cars UK to design and manufacture the HTV1320 Supercharger System for the newly released Evora S which marked the beginning of an OE supply program that still exists today. Fast forward to the present and Harrop still supply positive displacement Supercharger Systems for the stout 2GR-FE 3.5L V6 found in the Exige 350 and Exige 380 variants.

Harrop has a wealth of experience supplying Supercharger Systems to OEM’s like Toyota, Ford and Lotus which has given us the experience and knowledge to offer the same level of quality and integration to aftermarket customers.


In 2018, renowned car-builder David Kindig, of Kindig It Designs unveiled the extraordinary ’55 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing build at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. To save a very rare and expensive vehicle from being modified, a fiberglass replica body was found and used as the basis of this ground up Restomod project. Hundreds of hours build time equates to unimaginable attention to detail, starting with the custom pearl exterior colour “Underslated” through to the meticulous bright red leather interior.

The engine bay also proves this is far from an ordinary Mercedes Gullwing with the factory straight six engine having been replaced with a GM LSX 454 (7.4-litre) crate motor cranking out over 477kW. Harrop was entrusted to provide the same level of quality and finish to the engine bay as the rest of the build, by supplying the Hurricane ITB Manifold. Undoubtedly the eye catching centerpiece of the engine bay, the Hurricane Manifold is fully functional and delivers the necessary air to power the 454 LSX engine via Drive By Wire ETC integration. The Hurricane Manifold suits the build perfectly, pitting old school attitude against new school engineering.


Undoubtedly the most awarded and meticulously modified ’69 Camaro ever built, this resto-mod project was 13 years in the making. Well known car builders Detroit Speed, were handed the challenge by owner Stuart Adams, to completely rebuild and modify the “Tux” Camaro to levels previously unseen in the industry. There is no doubt as to why it won the 2018 Triple Crown of Rodding award before heading to SEMA and taking out the 2018 Battle of The Builder’s title, which is the ultimate accolade.

As is the case with a lot of the top SEMA builders, Harrop was entrusted for hardware to enhance built LS2 engine with a highly customized orange finish HTV2300, featuring Eaton TVS technology to ensure maximum power and efficiency. The end result is an engine bay that is as functional as it is exceptional in detail and design.

Harrop History

  • 1955

    Company Founded

    The company was founded in 1955 by Len Harrop and his wife Elsa who started out producing weaving machines from a small shed in the Victorian suburb of Brunswick. Their formula for customer satisfaction was good old Australian ingenuity and hard work.

  • 1963

    Ron Harrop Joins Business

    In 1963, Len and Elsa’s son, Ron, joined the business after completing a boilermaking apprenticeship. Ron’s enthusiasm for ‘making things’ began at an early age. By the age of 10, he was welding together go-karts in the back shed. As a teenager, his passion extended to modifying cars, such as his first MGTC powered Morris Minor, his much-loved Holden EH and his famous FJ. Ron’s enhanced FJ quickly became the leader in its class for quarter-mile competitions. Originally bought for $29 from racing identity Norm Beechey, it became known as “Harrop’s Howler”.



  • 1997

    Holden /HSV OEM Brake Program

    In 1997, Harrop began supplying performance brake systems to Holden/HSV in Australia, this agreement continued through to the early 2000’s.

  • 2000

    Date moved in to 96 Bell St Preston

    The company move from Brunswick to Preston in order to grow our team and production capacity. It’s here that Harrop still remains manufacturing legendary Aussie performance products.



  • 2004

    Became a master distributor of Eaton Supercharger and Traction Technology

    Agreement between Harrop and Eaton Corporation was forged to become a master distributor of Eaton Supercharger and Traction Technology.

  • 2004

    Manufactured first Supercharger

    LS1 LS112 Supercharger Kit to suit VT-VZ Commodore (Pontiac GTO)



  • 2007

    Toyota TRD OEM Supercharger Program

    Harrop commence supply program of TVS1320 Supercharger for the V6 Toyota TRD Aurion

  • 2008

    Harrop Engineering Joins Adrad Group

    In December 2008 Harrop become part of the Adrad Group of companies which is an Australian family owned conglomerate of entities. As part of the Adrad Group, Harrop Engineering is a modern, world-class operation committed to technical excellence in total component manufacturing. The legacy of the Harrop family continues with third generation management team representation through our Operations Manager Tim Harrop.



  • 2009

    Ford OEM Supercharger Program

    In 2009, Harrop begun an almost decade long Supercharger supply program with Ford Australia, manufacturing the HTV1900 Supercharger found on the Miami V8.

  • 2009

    Lotus OEM Supercharger Program

    To this day Harrop still supply Lotus UK with HTV1320 Supercharger Systems and unique manifold assembly for the Evora and Exige.



  • 2010

    Forgeline Australian Distributor

    In 2010, Harrop enter arrangement with Forgeline Wheels to exclusively distribute their wheels across Australia and New Zealand.

  • 2019

    Harrop USA Opened

    The company officially opens first overseas facility in Dayton, Ohio – USA.




A dedicated team of qualified engineers and technicians utilize their extensive experience of modern manufacturing to deliver high-value engineering solutions to the automotive sector. Local and international training provide our skilled workforce with state-of-the-art skills in CNC software programming, modern automation equipment and global benchmarking techniques.

Continuous development and refinement qualify Harrop's reputation for quality products that provide real performance advantages. In-house manufacturing processes include tool and pattern design and machining, CNC finish machining of parts, assembly, verification and testing.

Harrop engineering considers every project as a complete synchronized system: conception, definition and design, project management, manufacturing, and quality control all work together to deliver results. Business partners and collaborators are worldwide, combining local ingenuity with international technology and supply.

Whether you have a conceptual idea or product already being produced, contact the team at Harrop to discuss a comprehensive quote on your Engineering requirements.


  • 3D modelling, 2D detail drawings, data translation, CNC integration
  • 3D scanning & reverse engineering
  • Worldwide technology partners
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Project management
  • Aluminium casting & non-ferrous metal processing
  • Precision machining, milling & turning (8 axis)
  • Gear & spline cutting, broaching, profile cutting & fabrication
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • FEA/FMEA & design & process
  • Advanced  product quality planning


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