• Utilizes the factory GM silver blade throttle body motor to allow integration with factory GM management systems
  • Accommodates all standard fittings including Brake booster, vacuum outlets and MAP sensor
  • Progressive linkage action maintains precise throttle actuation from idle to part throttle
  • Eight 2.36in diameter individual throttle plates
  • Accepts long style EV14 Injectors which can be optioned on order
  • Carbon fiber linkage cover
  • Billet 2-piece trumpets with optional low-profile air boxes and accessories also available

The Hurricane Individual Throttle Body Intake is a true race-inspired manifold; old-school attitude with new school engineering.

Regularly featured on the world’s best SEMA show cars, the ITB manifold is as functional as it is visually impressive. Designed using advanced CAD airflow modeling, the Hurricane intake features long crossflow runners that smoothly transition into the factory Inlet port shape to increase airflow velocity. Supplied with 2 piece billet trumpets for unrivaled looks and performance, there is also the option of cast aluminum airboxes to allow custom air filtration setups to be used in race and road applications. The airboxes are low profile so as to fit under the factory hood of a Z06 Corvette and this also lends itself to installation in other vehicle applications with LS engine swaps. The Hurricane is the first ITB manifold for LS series engines to feature complete fly by wire throttle integration using the factory silver blade throttle body motor for precise actuation.

The Hurricane manifold has undergone rigorous testing in endurance race environments all over the world including Australia, the US and Europe. Coupled with the right engine modifications including cylinder heads, camshaft, exhaust system and tune calibration, potential performance gains for your Naturally Aspirated LS3 or LS7 based engine combination can be impressive.


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